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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our last newsletter of the year. And, boy, what a year 2020 was. Safe to say that none of us experienced something similar yet. 

For the cybersecurity industry, it has been a mixed year. Due to more people working from home, attacks spiked. On the other hand, for pretty much the same reason, cybersecurity expertise and solutions are in high demand. And as if to prove this, the SolarWinds attack now shatters the entire industry.

In this newsletter we take a look back to this special year as well as peak into what next year might have in store for us. 

One thing I can say personally - I'm excited to see what happens next year.

Enjoy reading - and stay healthy!

Patrick Boch
Editor and Co-Founder

First, of course, we take a look back to what has happened this year. Surprisingly, it wasn't only the Corona virus which dominated cybersecurity this year.

COVID19 and US Politics dominated security news in 2020

While we obviously don't have a crystal ball to see what really happens next year, we can take educated guesses. Better yet, we talked to cybersecurity experts about what they expect for 2021 - here's what they have to say:

Security experts predict what’s in store in 2021

The increased visibility of cybersecurity also has some unexpected and possibly unwanted effects. Privacy Shield, the US election and planned backdoors for encryption - politics is trying to mess with cybersecurity. Our editorial by Patrick Boch and an additional comment by guest authors Tom Madsen and Anders Olesen show that the experts have strong feelings about cybersecurity going political:

Opinion: Cybersecurity must not be political

Security for Everybody or Security for Nobody

As you can see, cybersecurity will stay one of the most exciting industries to be in. Proof to the point: the SolarWinds attack. This attack is something which will keep us busy for quite some time. The good news is, that at least one of the major tech companies has taken some drastic actions to eliminate the attack:

Microsoft unleashes ‘Death Star’ on SolarWinds hackers in extraordinary response to breach

But, of course, there were other topics in cybersecurity. Here are some highlights from around the web.

Work from home fuels rise in phishing and ransomware

Pandemic drives increase in Digital Security budgets

Specifically we would like to highlight the following podcast episode from our new Silicon Valley correspondent Lou Covey:

Trusted Computing Group: You've never heard of them but their work is keeping us safe

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