CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: January 2021


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January 28 marked Data Privacy Day, a yearly event to raise awareness for data protection and best practices on how to achieve it. Due to this occasion, an because defending your privacy is more relevant than ever, our first newsletter of 2022 highlights notable privacy-related news of the past month. 


Private Search on the Rise

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo recently had some positive news to share. Over the past 12 months, the company saw a rise in search queries of nearly 50% as compared to the previous year. In addition to that, DuckDuckGo's privacy apps and extensions were also downloaded millions of times. While Google still controls north of 90% of the worldwide search market, it is a positive development that consumers are taking an interest in privacy-friendly alternatives.


Private Messaging 

The privacy-savvy among you will surely be aware of Signal, the messenger created by crypto legend Moxie Marlinspike who is also behind the homonymous Signal protocol. Earlier this month, Marlinspike announced he would step down as the CEO of Signal after almost a decade leading the project. Signal has grown significantly in recent years, both in popularity and user adoption as well as in project staff.


Privacy at the Workplace

The fact that privacy is not just essential for customers, but also for employees is a realization increasingly many companies will be waking up to, according to Forrester. A recent report identifies privacy as an essential aspect of employee experience (EX) that influences employee’s trust in their company and ultimately their performance.


Preserving Privacy on Consumer Mobile Devices

The mobile devices we carry around with us all day hold some of our most privacy-sensitive data. Recognizing the substantial risk associated to them, ETSI created TS 103 732, titled Consumer Mobile Device Protection Profile. Earlier this month, Alex Leadbeater of ETSI TC CYBER shared his insights with Cybersecurity Magazine on what the standard contains and its role in protecting consumer's privacy.


Is there Privacy in the Metaverse?

Privacy protection and transparency about how consumer information is being processed will only become more important in the future. The more ubiquitous personal computing becomes, the more ubiquitous the data collection it seems. A prime example for this are the mixed reality experiences created by Meta (formerly Facebook). Due to an increase in data collected and a greater attack surface, the company is already raising eyebrows regulators and other privacy advocates. 


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