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The Internet of Things will be one of the big topics in the coming years. If the current status is any indication, this has big implications on security. How can the IoT be secured properly, what tools, processes and technologies will assist in doing so?

In our IoT focus weeks here on Cybersecurity Magazine we covered (and will cover) a broad range of topics related to the security of the Internet of things. You can find out which articles were featured below. But the topic is also hot around the web, which is why we selected a few interesting articles for you to read.

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IoT focus weeks on Cybersecurity Magazine

We've had quite a few articles on the security of IoT in the past weeks. Check them out:

  • Operational Technology (OT) is often neglected when it comes to security. Galina Antova has some tipps on how to secure OT
  • Ahmed Banafa is a renowned expert on the IoT. We had the opportunity to interview him about the future of IoT security. Read his interview here and here. 

  • With the IoT specifically, security should be part of the development process right from the start. Read the article of Mark Loveless about how DevSecOps can help. 

  • Our friends from Smart Industry - the IoT Business Magazine had some interesting thoughts on the matter of IoT security a while back. Read their article here.

Not enough food for thought? Don't worry, our IoT focus week continue and we have a few more interesting articles up our sleeves. Be sure to check back regularly!

Create secure IoT products: Enable security by design

Good practices for IoT security, with a particular focus on software development guidelines for secure IoT products and services throughout their lifetime have been introduced in a report by ENISA

The Internet of Things Security Policy Platform defines baseline principles for security

One of the things the Internet of Things desperately needs is a security standard. The Internet of Things Security Policy Platform is a global group working together to share best practices and reach global alignment on security measures that will protect us all. 

  Only 47% of cybersecurity pros are prepared to deal with attacks on their IoT devices

Fewer than half (47%) of cybersecurity professionals have a plan in place to deal with attacks on their IoT devicesand equipment, despite that fact that nine out of ten express concerns over future threats, according to the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) research. 

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