CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: March 2022


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The last couple of weeks have highlighted once again that cybersecurity is an essential aspect of national security. Today, lots of critical infrastructure is connected and thus at risk of being compromised remotely. Recognizing the importance of security, governments worldwide are working towards building adequate cyber controls and capabilities. In this newsletter, we take a look at some of the most recent developments in cybersecurity policy around the world.


US to spend big on critical infrastructure security


The US Senate just passed a cyber incident reporting bill that aims to strengthen the defenses of critical infrastructure. The bill includes reporting mandates for operators of such and assigns the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) additional responsibilities. Aside from this particular effort, there are further plans suggesting cybersecurity will be a top priority for the administration of President Joe Biden in fiscal year 2023.


Japan's new economic security Bill


A similar effort is underway in Japan, where new cybersecurity regulation is being discussed that would require infrastructure companies to implement stronger cyber defenses. The bill is said to affect businesses in 14 sectors, such as finance, telecommunication, and public utilities.


Local government is often overlooked


While it is easier for the federal government to allocate resources to address cybersecurity challenges, local government often falls short. While the potential risk may seem less severe, often it is local government services that citizens interact with the most. As such, it is essential to provide them with sufficient guidance and support.


EU collaborates to protect 5G networks


Critical infrastructure does not just comprise connected factories and public utilities, but also the very networks that help to connect those facilities. The EU member states, with the help of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), are working towards securing 5G mobile networks that are expected to soon connect everything from end users to sensors and heavy machinery. In a recent article for Cybersecurity Magazine, Silke Holtmanns provides an overview of the EU's efforts to protect 5G networks.


Ensuring cybersecurity while maintaining privacy


Governments investing to protect their citizens from cyber threats is a good thing. However, care must be taken when such efforts endanger essential rights, such as privacy. In a recent piece on The Register, John E. Dunn highlights the risk associated to the UK's rally against end-to-end encryption.


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