CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: September 2022


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In this month’s newsletter, instead of one specific security threat or industry trend, we focus on the small, day-to-day security aspects that concern virtually everyone, regardless of profession. Operational security (OPSEC) is usually not about bleeding-edge technology or defending against highly involved attacker schemes. It is about basic processes that should be observed every single day to ensure security. 


Manage your passwords securely

Although the industry is slowly moving towards this direction, our technology ecosystems are not yet password-less. So, while we still have to manage a plethora of passphrases, PINs, and secret questions, it’s good to be aware of best practices for secure password management.


Choose a secure browser

It’s safe to say that web browsers are one of the pieces of software that we are interacting with the most. An insecure web browser can expose its users to a slew of security threats. Even though all major browsers vendors put reasonable effort into shipping secure software, one can still find subtle differences between them.


Mind your meeting setup

In public areas, Shoulder Surfing is a common security threat. But did you know that people may attempt to spy on your screen contents even in a private place? That is, the people that you join virtual meetings with. As the Register reports, security researchers have shown that it is possible to identify certain screen contents remotely by the reflections in the eyeglasses of participants.


Remain vigilant for phishing

Regardless of the victim’s location, phishing is one of the most wide-spread methods that attackers use to compromise information. It is also so diverse and fast changing that is can genuinely be hard to keep up. When in doubt, an overview of common phishing trends and how to not fall for them can be a useful reminder to remain vigilant.


Minimize online transaction risks

When conducting online transactions between two individuals, there is a certain level of risk of fraud or abuse. One way to reduce these risks significantly is simply meeting in person. As security blogger Brian Krebs outlines, when following a few security and safety recommendations, a face-to-face meeting can be a suitable and less risky way for finalizing an online transaction.


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