CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: May 2023


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Some of the questions we get the most from our readers include: “How do I get a job in cyber security?”, “What kind of jobs are there even?”, and “What skills do I need to work in this industry?”. For this reason, we have started the Career Profiles series at Cybersecurity Magazine. However, it’s always worth surveying multiple different sources. So, in this month’s newsletter, we take a look at some cybersecurity career insights and advice out there. 


No shortage of cyber positions

Despite recent tech layoffs, the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow. This article, Cybersecurity Intelligence highlights how cybersecurity positions remain in high demand even during uncertain times. Importantly, it also mentions that the transition from other technical roles (or completely unrelated backgrounds) is certainly possible.


Start building basic skills

For anybody considering a career change, DarkReading recently also featured a list of practical steps to jump-start your career in cybersecurity. In short: Reflect about your motivations, do your research, network with people who are already in this field, and start building relevant skills – be it through official certifications or self-learning.


Interested in hands-on hacking?

If you already know you want to work hands-on, this article outlines a roadmap for aspiring penetration testers. The author summarizes typical duties of a pentester, essential skills, and certifications to help you succeed in this specialized field. Among others, the roadmap emphasizes the significance building a solid foundation in programming, system analysis, as well as problem-solving and communication. 


Lifelong learning is a must 

Few industries require their professionals to learn and adapt as rapidly and as continuously as cybersecurity does. Today, with the rapid adoption of generative AI, skills of cybersecurity professionals have to evolve, too. CSO Online discusses the need for security teams to upskill and adapt in the face of AI. The article highlights the importance of understanding AI and machine learning principles, as well as collaboration between the security folks and AI and ML experts.


Duties of employers looking to fill cyber roles

Cyber security positions are among those that employers constantly struggle to fill. In its most recent Cybersecurity Workforce Study, ISC(2) analyses this talent gap in detail, and highlights where organizations can still improve, such as the prioritization of security matters, staff training, and opportunities for growth or promotion.


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