CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: July 2023


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It’s hard to keep track of all the scandals in the crypto scene over the last couple of years. There’s been so many pump-and-dump schemes, rug pulls, and other fraudulent activity that many have –perhaps rightly– a negative opinion of “crypto”. In this month’s newsletter, we look at a particularly questionable example and how it relates to biometrics and cyber security.


What’s the deal with Worldcoin

In her latest newsletter, Molly White takes apart the crypto coin and homonymous company Worldcoin. In case you missed it, this is the company that has been going around the globe scanning people’s eyeballs in exchange for a few crypto coins. Yes, your read that right.


Recap: personal and sensitive data

This might be a good opportunity to read up on the definition of personal and sensitive data again, because your biometric features definitely qualify as such. Personal data carries very specific risks that you should be aware of. For example, unlike your passwords, you cannot change your eyeballs after a data breach. 


Processing personal data securely

ENISA has a helpful handbook and online tool aimed at helping processors of personal data assess the associated security risks and implement appropriate controls. The handbook defines a risk assessment methodology and provides examples for some common use cases in which personal data is processed.


Biometric controls are not perfectly secure

How biometrics can fail us when used for authentication was proven again recently by the Bruteprint vulnerability. While many assume unlocking a phone with their fingerprint would be reasonably secure, researchers have demonstrated that –on certain Android phones– only a few cheap tools and relatively little time are required to bypass the lock screen.


Faking biometrics

A few months ago, Cybersecurity Magazine featured an article on about the risk AI poses for biometric security. The author outlines potential ways for how AI may trick biometric technologies as well as possible improvements to prevent the same.


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