CyberSecurity Magazine Newsletter: September 2023


This installment of the CSM newsletter is all about passwords - how to manage them, why they are not enough, and what are possible alternatives. 


Why password managers are still important 

With the recent LastPass disaster, some may wonder whether passwords managers as a whole are still a good idea. Hence, ZDNet featured a nice write-up of what happened and why you should still consider using a good password manager.


Always checks your (software) sources 

Of course, you will want to be cautious about software downloaded from the web, especially when that software is intended to store your secret credentials. What can happen if you are not shows a recent example of a fake password manager download that contained the spyware ZenRAT.


Rethinking MFA

CSM recently featured an article about why passwords, and even traditional Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) are not without flaws. The author describes in detail the vulnerabilities of traditional MFA and what better alternatives already exist today.


Windows goes password-less

After Apple announced support for password-less passkeys last year, Windows 11 is now also able to generate these credentials from different sources, such as biometric features, a PIN, or a FIDO compliant password manager. The feature is currently in a preview stage and is expected to become officially available by the end of the year.


What are passkeys

For anyone who has not heard of passkeys, yet, or wants to learn more about how they work the following article describing their basic functionality may be a good start.


CSM @ ETSI Security Conference 

The CSM team will be present at the ETSI Security Conference, held from October 16-19 in Sophia Antipolis. Look forward to extensive coverage of the event and exclusive interviews with international renowned security experts! This month we had a talk about the conference, as well as the telecoms security landscape, how standards and ETSI play a role, and how we can encourage the next generation of Standards Professionals with Alex Leadbetter, Chair of ETSI TC Cyber, David Boswarthick, Director of New Technologies at ETSI, and Claire d’Esclercs, Director for Membership Development at ETSI.


Contribute to Cybersecurity Magazine

The CSM editorial team is always looking for interesting contributions on the topic of cyber security, be it an opinion piece, an article explaining security basics, or noteworthy security news. So, if you have something to say on this topic feel free to reach out and we will be happy to review your contribution!


Cybersecurity Magazine Editorial Team




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