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Welcome to the newsletter for the shortest month this year - even though it's a day longer than February usually tends to be.  

Even though it is still early in the year, it already becomes clear what the dominating cybersecurity topics will be - and we've selected some interesting articles to cover those topics. More precisely, we will hear a lot about 5G in 2020 - and where there is 5G, IoT is usually not far away. Also, we have a very interesting article on cloud security right here at Cybersecurity Magazine and we can promise that there are more to come.  

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We'll start of with cloud security. Personally, I always wondered how companies can effectively secure their cloud services. Guillaum Garbey from Netskope has some answers in his article: 

3 requirements for next generation cloud security

Along with security, governance will be a predominant topic, not only since the GDPR came into effect. Why there will be more governance in security is explained by Tom Madsen in his guest post: 

Governance for Cybersecurity

Looking even further into the future, we interviewed Mark Pecen from ETSI, who is heading the working group for Cyber Quantum Safe Cryptography there, check it out:  

Interview with Mark Pecen on Quantum Safe Cryptography

Seven Cybersecurity and Privacy Forecasts for 2020

As the year is still young, it's not too late to talk about some forecasts for 2020. TÜV Rheinland's perspective on things might be a little different than what you've read before. And - you guessed it - IoT is a large part of their cybersecurity predictions.  

Cybersecurity attacks on mobile, IoT proliferate: Will 5G make it better?

5G will not only connect billions of devices, we will see new services and use cases along the way. Unfortunately, it also means that cybercriminals will become more creative. Are companies prepared? A Verizon report shines some light on this.  

IoT security is bad. It's time to take a different approach

It's a fact that there are already millions of rather unsecured devices out there. How to protect them will keep cybersecurity professionals busy for years to come. But what is the right approach? Hint: Firewalls are not it.   

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