Ransomware’s Evolving – Are You Ready?

Ransomware is big business.  It’s difficult to accurately measure just how big; the true size of the ransomware industry is masked by the fact that not all attacks and payments are made public.  However, a simple analysis of the ransom payments in the news – where new ransomware headlines appear almost daily – reveals a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Ransomware attacks are estimated to occur every 11 seconds, with the total cost of attacks to businesses exceeding $20 billion last year.  
In 2022, there are no signs ransomware is slowing down.  From ransomware as a service (RaaS) to Big Game Hunting, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated; ransomware represents one of the greatest threats facing businesses today.  For chief information security officers (CISOs) and the wider executive leadership team, navigating the modern ransomware landscape is challenging.  Attackers are almost always one step ahead – with innovative, well-funded and coordinated teams utilising every tool at their disposal to penetrate corporate networks.  It can be difficult to know exactly what form a threat might take and where best to focus risk mitigation efforts.