sendQuick Provides Free Access to its Software to Curb Rise in Cyber-Attacks during COVID-19

3 Months Free Access To sendQuick ConeXa

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — sendQuick, a TalariaX Pte Ltd brand, today announced Free 3 months access to sendQuick ConeXa to help companies protect their data and employees from potential cyberattacks as they begin working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the spread of the global pandemic, cybercriminals are now trying to take advantage of lapses in IT security. Since January 2020, reports of email phishing campaigns using COVID-19 related content have made its rounds, impacting even the World Health Organisations as well as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)[1].

In Singapore, the government has advocated for tighter cybersecurity amidst fears of foreign interference during elections, for instance. This includes all IT infrastructure including any smartphone, computer and computing device, online and social media assets, as well as data storage and management.

It is therefore time to take a definitive stance against potential cyber-attacks.

As the world comes together to manage COVID-19 as well as its impact on our local business, we at sendQuick are offering customers complimentary 3 months access to sendQuick ConeXa with 25 soft token users, and full features.

“We are here to help you navigate these uncertain times to function safely, efficiently and reliably. This is why we are making our technology available, to help you respond to this time of change with agility. We want to give you the tools and flexibility you need to enable your teams to work remotely,” Mr JS Wong, Director of sendQuick, Talariax.


TalariaX Pte Ltd provides end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions to enable organizations in strengthening their business processes, improving productivity, and better serving their customers and stakeholders.

We facilitate the smooth running of business operations through key solutions that we have designed and developed.

To get 3 months free access to sendQuick ConeXa, click here.


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