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Why 5G will lead to improved security for mobile communications

5G raises the fear of more security incidents on mobile networks. In his post, Anand Prasad discusses his view on the topic - 5G for the first time allows better security than ever before in mobile networks.

Need more evidence that IoT security is a big deal? Here's what NIST has to say

For some, the Internet of Things is still in its infancy. While this could be true, it would also be the best time to start thinking about securing the internet of things. Experts are worried that with literally billions of devices going online within the next years, security will become difficult to sustain. And, as this article on cyberscoop points out, when the National Institute of Standards and Technology gets involved, it might be a good time to listen. 

Special Report: Inside the West’s failed fight against China’s ‘Cloud Hopper’ hackers

The "Cloud Hopper" attacks affected some of the world's biggest tech companies - yet it caused less media hype than other cyber attacks. Which is unfortunate, really - this article on reuters proves that there is an exciting story behind the attack and a lot can be learned from the attackers approach. 

Why infosec vendors can’t sell to most CISOs

"The way security vendors are selling their products is broken." Strong words coming from Michael Coates, former CISO of Twitter and CEO of Altitude Networks. He does have a point, though - read his article in SC magazine to learn about his suggestions for how vendors can offer their solutions more effectively. 

Introducing Cybersecurity Magazine

At Cybersecurity Magazine, we aim to connect science with practice: our renowned authors from both a scientific background as well as industry leaders will elaborate on current and important topics of Cybersecurity today - be it in the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile networks or for securing enterprises across the globe. 

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