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Looking at todays media landscape on cybersecurity, we feel that something is missing. A place which connects research and industry, where the science on cybersecurity is accessible to a larger audience and where opinion pieces on trending cybersecurity issues are voiced.  

Of all the news in cybersecurity in the last weeks, two have caught my particular attention. The first was the news of the flaw in Intel processors, labeled “Zombieload”. Now, I am by no means an expert in chip architecture, therefore it was hard to understand how that flaw actually works. It would have been nice to have a resource I can refer to for more information, more theoretical groundwork to grasp these kind of security weaknesses.

The second news was the tool kit labeled 10KBLAZE which targets SAP systems specifically. Yes, those ERP systems where a lot of companies store the really important data. This was something which affected my professional life, and was discovered by a company active in the cybersecurity space. It occurred to me that this is the sort of news which scientists might like to read. If those kind of “hacker” tools which exist “out in the wild” would be researched thoroughly by scientists around the world, the resulting groundwork would enable companies to built better defenses against them. 

The missing gap

A lot of media focused on cybersecurity usually address only one of these two requirements: either they target the industry to raise attention for existing or upcoming solutions for a particular problem. Scientific publications, on the other hand, sometimes seem to be detached from practice, focusing on highly technical articles and books, which, in most cases, can mainly be understood by other scientists only. 

While both approaches are necessary and even highly welcome, I am missing a bridge between the more technical world of scientists and the issues cybersecurity professionals have to deal with.

Connecting two worlds

The objective of Cybersecurity Magazine is to connect these two groups. Industry experts can dive into scientific research in order to better understand the theories behind the threats they are facing in their daily professional life. On the other hand, scientists will be made aware of the actual challenges in cybersecurity and can direct their research to lay the groundwork for solutions which will effectively defend IT systems from attackers. 

At Cybersecurity Magazine we are providing a platform for researchers and industry experts alike. Opinions on recent developments in the area will spark discussion and articles on trending topics raise interest to delve deeper into technical matters on the subject. For the former we encourage contributions to examine a topic from different perspectives – anyone is welcome to participate. For the latter, we make it easier for someone interested to search and find technical information from open access journals as well as scientific books. 

Welcome to Cybersecurity Magazine!

The idea was developed from a similar blog by our partner River Publishers. As you can see, the content from this blog is already available, covering different categories. Also, Cybersecurity Magazine features abstracts from interesting articles available in open access journals, linking to more detailed information on the respective subject. 

That being said, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Cybersecurity Magazine for anyone interested.  As we continue to expand our scope, our objective is to be the one resource you refer to for thorough information on any matters regarding cybersecurity. Feel free to engage in the discussion, contribute to our site or point us to any interesting resource we might have missed. Welcome to Cybersecurity Magazine. 


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