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It's the end of the month again, time for our latest newsletter. This time we focus more on the general aspects of cybersecurity, especially for enterprises. 

There were a few interesting articles on this in the past few week, which we carefully selected for you. And - of course, we had some articles on Cybersecurity Magazine on the topic. 

Enjoy reading!

Before entering the Enterprise business, we'd specifically like to recommend an article which was featured here on Cybersecurity Magazine. Siegried Lafon wrote about Fake news and Deep Fakes - a very interesting topic which most likely will follow us in the years to come: 

Open AI/GPT-2 Security – Towards an information crisis?

More on general security, this time from the perspective of the product lifecycle is the second part of the "Holistic Security Primer" article from our Editor Anand Prasad: 

Holistic Security Primer Continued: Continuous security

Finally, SIEM systems have taken the cybersecurity area by storm since the term was created in 2005. But how did they evolve since then? Stephen Gailey gives some good insights into their history: 

A Brief History of SIEM

The CISO is not the enemy

Some of you working in the cybersecurity space probably know this: your objective is to protect your company and its assets, but sometimes it feels like security operative - and especially CISOs are the scapegoat for everything that might go wrong. Interesting article on Digitalist Magazine. 

Get ahead of the cybersecurity curve

We've covered the topic before, and it looks like the paradigm change we predicted is about to get real. In this article, Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer of Unisys, talks about how to get on top of cybersecurity by being proactive instead of reactive.  

Six trends attracting the attention of enterprise technology leaders

The year is still young, so an article on predictions for the year to come is still justifiable. As we promised to focus on enterprises, this article deals with some interesting trends and developments to watch out for when dealing with cybersecurity for the enterprise.   

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