Evaluating and Improving a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Workflow using Stochastic Modelling

Abstract: Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are the backbone of Internet. A lot of research has been done to make CDNs more reliable. Despite that, the world has suffered from CDN inefficiencies quite a few times, not just due to external hacking attempts but due to internal failures as well. In this research work the authors have analyzed the performance of a content delivery network through various reliability measures. Considering a basic CDN workflow they have calculated the reliability and availability of the proposed multi-state system using Markov process and Laplace transformation. Software/Hardware failures in any network component can affect the reliability of the whole system. Therefore, the authors have analyzed the obtained results to find major causes of failures in the system, which when avoided, can lead to a faster and more efficient distribution network.


Nupur Goyal Graphic Era Deemed to be University, India 

Tanuja Joshi Graphic Era Deemed to be University, India 

Mangey Ram Graphic Era Deemed to be University, India 

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