About Cybersecurity Magazine

ISSN# 2597-2839

At Cybersecurity Magazine (CSM) we first and foremost aim to bring cybersecurity associated information in simple language accessible to everyone. Each article in the magazine is written and reviewed by experts before publication thus bringing quality topical articles that will help decision makers (regulators, executives, C-suite), professionals & experts in the field and users of technology.

Reason for this approach of the magazine are multi-fold: (1) Technical publications on cybersecurity has been growing in recent years but such publications are scientific in nature thus focused on academics and to some extent towards professionals. (2) Industry experts, decision makers and users of cyber security are at the fore-front of the increasing wave of cyber attacks and therefore are close to practice. Thus, it is necessary that the experts from the field of cybersecurity have a platform to provide opinion pieces and commentary on the latest events in this area. (3) Similarly, it is necessary for users or customers of cybersecurity to be heard as well since they provide valuable insights regarding the cyber attacks and thus benefit the defense.

Cybersecurity Magazine aims to bridge this information gap in the world of cybersecurity. Opinion pieces and articles on cybersecurity will:

• Feature new articles at least twice a week

• Publish topical articles and commentary on the latest events or cybersecurity relevant topics

• In a language understandable to non-technical readers


  • Anand R. Prasad (Deloitte)
  • Rajeev R. Prasad (River Publishers)

Associate Editors:

  • Ana Koren (River Publishers)

Editorial Board:

  • Tom Madsen (Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert at NNIT)
  • Varin Khera (ITSEC)

Cybersecurity Magazine is an imprint of River Publishers.

Cybersecurity Magazine was previously ‘Opinions Pieces on Cybersecurity’.