TPA Auditing to Enhance the Privacy and Security in Cloud Systems

Abstract: Over the last decade, many enterprises around the world migrating from traditional infrastructure to cloud resources in order to cut down operational and capital expenditure. With cloud computing, huge amount of data transactions is communicated between cloud consumers and cloud service providers. However, this cloud computing enables surplus security challenges associated to unauthorized access and data breaches. We proposed in this paper a trusted third-party auditor (TPA) model which uses lightweight cryptographic system and lightweight hashing technique to ensure data security and data integrity to audit the cloud users outsourced data from cloud service providers. With our proposed system, we solve the concern of data reliability using data correctness and verification analysis and error recovery analysis. The time complexity of our proposed system is less as compared with other TPA model. Our proposed system also shows resistance against various known cryptanalytic attacks, the performance and extensive compression technique of our proposed system are probably secure and highly proficient.

Sunil Kumar NIT Jamshedpur, India

Dilip Kumar NIT Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Hemraj Shobharam Lamkuche Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology Pune, India

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