Some of you might have noticed that our site has changed slightly. While we kept our general layout and design the same, we did change the structure to reflect some of the underlying bigger changes which aim to make Cybersecurity Magazine a better resource for cybersecurity professionals and researchers alike. We would like to introduce some of these features which are already here and give you an outlook on those features which are still to come.

Before we dive into the new features, we’d like to look back at what has happened since we started Cybersecurity Magazine back in 2019. Within this past year, we generated a significant number of readers – and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of them! We even made it to the Top 10 Cyber Security Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2020 and The Top Cybersecurity Blogs That You Should Bookmark Right Now. We would also specifically like to thank all our guest authors here. You are the reason why we have all this high quality content our readers come to expect.

. In order to fulfill these expectations even better, we have added some small features to our site. Firstly, we structured our content better, so that it’s easier for you to get to all of our articles, regardless of when they were published. In addition, we now feature wire news, courtesy of PRnewswire, so you can stay on top of cybersecurity news whenever you visit our site. Another feature which will be coming up soon are our focus topics: Sometimes we run a series of articles on specific topics (IoT, security basics or OSINT, for example). Starting this week, we will make those focus topics easier to access as well.

In addition to those visible changes, we have also made some other changes to the site which might not be immediately visible, but concern more of what we do here in our daily work.

  • You might have noticed that every now and then we also run audio features (here and here for example). This is something we will do more in the future – in fact, we will start a (more or less) regular podcast, so stay tuned!
  • For those of you who would like to dive deeper into a particular subject, we will link articles together. And if that doesn’t cut it, we will, even more importantly, link and host whitepapers for downloading as well.
  • We now have a Facebook page, where we will publish our articles as well and invite you to engage with us. And, for those who haven’t noticed: we are on twitter and LinkedIn, we even have our own LinkedIn group.
  • We will not limit ourselves to reading and listening. Another feature we’re currently in discussion with some industry and research partners is webinars. As with our other content, you can expect high-quality insights into various cybersecurity topics.

Obviously, those features live from your support. If you’d like to write an article, host a whitepaper, be a guest on our podcast or join us for a webinar – feel free to contact us to discuss options.

We hope you enjoy our improved Cybersecurity Magazine and are as excited about the features coming up as we are. If you’d like to support us, please engage by posting comments, follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) or by joining our group on LinkedIn.

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