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Emerging Security Technologies
A Cybersecurity Magazine Webinar

July 17, 2023, 6 PM PST – 10 AM Japan – 1 AM GMT

Moderated by Anand Prasad

Cybersecurity associated attacks and enhancements are daily news. While this continues on, it is essential that the community engage around emerging technologies. Our free Cybersecurity Magazine Webinar looks at key emerging technologies that are of concern with everyone from researchers to practitioners. 


00:00 Intro

04:46 Tim Manley – Cloud Security

22:24 Ahmed Banafa – Quantum Computing & Security

44:07 Anand Prasad – Private 5G Security

54:40 Q&A


The topics include:

Quantum Computing & Security
Ahmed Banafa, San Jose State University and Stanford University
Cybersecurity has become a critical issue for businesses and individuals alike, as the threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow. The increasing amount of sensitive information being stored and transmitted online has made it more important than ever to protect against cybercrime. Despite the fact that cybersecurity measures have improved significantly in recent years, so too have the techniques of cyber criminals. As a result, the future of cybersecurity looks set to be a constant battle between those who would protect information and those who would steal it.

Cloud Security
Tim Manley, Google, Tokyo
The convergence of mobile networks and OT in the cloud is changing the way we think about security. It is creating new challenges and opportunities for businesses, and it is important to understand the implications of this convergence for security telemetry, identity, and zero trust.

Private 5G Security
Anand Prasad, Partner, Deloitte, Tokyo
5G based enterprise or private networks is already a reality. This trend will continue with 5G connectivity penetrating all enterprise markets – critical networks included. Early consideration for security thus becomes essential also because connectivity will make currently isolated parts of network accessible. In this presentation we will look at security of private networks from various aspects fulfilling requirements of variety of enterprise.

Each presentation will cover 5-10 minutes. A moderated discussion between the panelists will cover 30 minutes and a question and answer session which will include questions from viewers will follow. When you register for the webinar, please submit questions for the experts. If your question is chosen for the webinar, you will be eligible to receive any River Publishers book (print or electronic).


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