How To Deliver Exceptional Cybersecurity Customer Experience

Good customer experience remains integral to the implementation of effective cybersecurity solutions and services.
In this article, Stephen Roostan, VP EMEA at Kenna Security, explores the best way to craft a success plan for customers, so that customer experience teams can implement proven processes and tools to further champion the customer experience arena.


How Does Cybercrime Lead to Insurance Fraud?

One of the most recent trends in cybercrime is the increase in insurance fraud cases that are committed completely online. It is important that consumers and businesses alike understand how insurance fraud and other cybercrimes are committed so that they can take steps to protect themselves.

David Lukić takes a look at insurance fraud; the different types, the warning signs and how insurance companies can help prevent such fraud.


Deception in the Workforce: Utilising Security Capabilities to Mitigate Insider Threats

Insider threats are a significant danger to any organisation, whether it’s data leakage from careless employees, or hackers with compromised credentials. Defending against insider threats is becoming increasingly difficult as the IT ecosystem evolves, and organisations shift to the cloud and remote work, and enable Bring Your Own Device.

This new article from Anurag Kahol, CTO of Bitglass, takes a closer look at the impact such working practices are having on data security and how businesses can improve their security posture to keep their data safe.


Control Risks’ 2021 RiskMap Report: Top Five Risks for Global Businesses in 2021

Global risk consultancy Control Risks recently released its annual RiskMap Report, a global risk forecast for business leaders and policy makers across the world released at the start of each year, that identifies the top five risks for global businesses in 2021. The top five risks identified in the 2021 RiskMap Report are: the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging digital threats, climate change, the US-China relationship, and missing the economic rebound.

As we look towards the year ahead, businesses have an opportunity to capitalize on the risks outlined in the report and begin to plan and prepare for the ways in which these five risks will impact their business models.


Safer Internet Day: Interview with Lance Spitzner, Senior Instructor at SANS Institute

Today Safer Internet Day 2021 is celebrated around the world, this year with the slogan “Together for a better internet”. It is a day to promote the safe use of digital technology and the internet.
Recently, Cybersecurity magazine interviewed Lanze Spitzner, senior instructor at the SANS Institute, about the importance of Safer Internet Day and how we can all increase our knowledge on data protection and IT security.


Real-Time Vendor Scanning Is Not Optional

The breach hidden within software updates for SolarWinds customers was introduced through a third-part vendor. NIST’s most recent guidance on identifying cyber risk explains why real-time monitoring is essential and acknowledges the threat posed by third-party vendors. Some of the key questions emerging from the SolarWinds surround the prospect of real-time vendor scanning.

In this article Mike Kelly and Dan Gardener discuss the possibilities and improvements needed in real-time vendor scanning.


Data Protection Day: Schrems II: The SME dilemma

Data Protection Day is a time to remind organizations across all industries and sizes about the important of data protection. Lately we’ve seen a lot of regulations like the GDPR or Schrems II, all small steps towards a proper data protection to secure personal data and give the topic the deserved recognition.
With the ruling of the European Court of Justice in the Schrems II case, pressure is growing on small and medium-sized companies to re-evaluate their processes and procedures and adapt them to the regulations of the EU GDPR. Mareike Vogt, data protection expert at TÜV SÜD, takes a closer look at this current topic.