Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation: Busting the Myths

It’s -30 Celsius in December. An entire city has gone dark. There is no electricity, heating, internet, or telecommunications—all because of one malicious email that now holds the city ransom for its data in exchange for some bitcoins. The truly alarming prospect is that this nightmarish scenario can hit any and every major city globally. In a race to digitally transform businesses, institutions, and governments cannot ignore these Trojan horses that have the potential to bring them to their knees. With data being touted as the new oil, it takes a proactive strategy to keep any organization’s wealth of stored data well protected, yet accessible, to the internal networks that need it. This has sparked tech giants like Apple, Google, IBM, and Amazon to offer cybersecurity solutions and rev their market ad campaigns on data, privacy, and security amidst waves of digital transformation. The fact is, for any element of a business to transform with new technology, that technology must be backed by an equally transformed security posture. Without it, vital data is put at risk. For organizations to successfully transform to meet standards set by today’s tech leaders, it requires fundamental knowledge of what cybersecurity is and what it isn’t.

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