Design and Deployment of Network Testbed for Web Data Security

Abstract: In recent years, the cyber security scenario has transformed predominantly from conventional response-based security mechanisms to proactive security strategies. And this transformation is still continuing which is shifting it from proactive security strategies to cyber immunity which eliminates the cyber threats by introducing stringent and adaptive security measures. In the process of developing new security algorithms/procedures, accurate modelling and effective simulation play a vital role for the robustness and effectiveness of proposed system. It is also necessary to analyze the behaviour of proposed system against multiple types of known cyber attacks. This paper focuses on the existing network testbeds for an effective analysis and monitoring while proposing a new network testbed for examining new security concepts like cyber immunity. The proposed network testbed is designed to incorporate the methods and procedures of Nature-inspired Cyber Security to accommodate the adaptive responses against the sophisticated and ever-advancing cyber attacks. The proposed testbed provides customizable analytical tool to design, test and examine the new security algorithms through a rich set of attack scenarios. It also allows developers to design, implement, and evaluate their defensive techniques with library support.

Shishir Kumar Shandilya Devi Ahilya University, India

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