Privacy Preservation for Enterprises Data in Edge Devices

Abstract: Privacy becomes the most important topic as user’s data gets more and more widely used and exchanged across internet. Edge devices are replacing traditional monitoring and maintenance strategy for daily used items in households as well as industrial establishments. The usage of technology is getting more and more pervasive. 6G further increases the importance of edge devices in a network as network speeds increase, making the edge device much more powerful element in the network. Edge devices would have massive store and exchange of personal data of the individual. Data privacy forms the primary requirement for accessing data of individuals. Paper presents a novel concept on combination of techniques including cryptography, randomization, pseudonymization and others to achieve anonymization. It investigates in detail how the privacy relevant data of individuals can be protected as well as made relevant for research. It arrives at an interesting and unique approach for privacy preservation on edge devices opening up new business opportunities and make the data subject in charge of their data.

Aaloka Anant CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark

Ramjee Prasad CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark

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