A Boosted Performances of NTRUencrypt Post-Quantum Cryptosystem

Abstract: The bottleneck of all cryptosystems is the difficulty of the computational complexity of the polynomials multiplication, vectors multiplication, etc. Thus most of them use some algorithms to reduce the complexity of the multiplication like NTT, Montgomery, CRT, and Karatsuba algorithms, etc. We contribute by creating a new release of NTRUencrypt1024 with great improvement, by using our own polynomials multiplication algorithm operate in the ring of the form Rq=Zq[X]/(XN+1), combined to Montgomery algorithm rather than using the NTT algorithm as used by the original version. We obtained a good result, our implementation outperforms the original one by speed-up of a factor up to (X10) for encryption and a factor up to (X11) for decryption functions. We note that our improved implementation used the latest hash function standard SHA-3, and reduce the size of the public key, private key, and cipher-text from 4097 bytes to 2049 bytes with the same security level.


El Hassane Laaji, Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco

Abdelmalek Azizi, Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco

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