A Lightweight Security Scheme (LSS) for Wireless Node Communication for Border Surveillance System

Abstract: The physical breach across the borders is a very common issue these days among nations sharing boundaries. It is controlled via proper border surveillance system. The border surveillance system is trivially a physical border intrusion detection system in which CCTV cameras are used traditionally to observe manually the presence of some intruder. Instead, we utilize the raspberry PI controller board based wireless sensor nodes fitted with raspberry PI camera for identifying the intruder. Once the intruder is identified, the wireless sensor nodes communicate the messages with the next hop sensor nodes and the message ultimately reaches the control room from where army action may be initiated. In this work, we propose a novel lightweight security scheme (LSS) for raspberry PI based wireless node communication for the Border Surveillance System. We have utilized the XBee (Zigbee) serial communication between raspberry PI based wireless sensor nodes. The proposed scheme is based upon the notion of confusion and correct identification of pattern (byte) in the transmitted messages. The entire communication scheme is lightweight and secure.


Rajeev Singh G.B. Pant University of Ag. & Technology, Pantnagar, India

Sukhwinder Singh G.B. Pant University of Ag. & Technology, Pantnagar, India

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