A Review on Audio Encryption Algorithms Using Chaos Maps-Based Techniques

Abstract: Due to the quick improvement in digital communications and multimedia applications during recent periods up to the current time, data protection of digital data such as image, audio and video becomes a significant challenge. The security of audio data that transfer through different networks was rated as a preferred research field in the preceding years. This review covers the recent contribution for audio encryption and gives the most evaluations for audio encryption algorithm involving security analysis, computational complexity and quality analysis and their requirements. This paper fundamentally concentrates on displaying the different types of audio encryption and decryption techniques based on chaotic maps. Digital and analog audio algorithms were displayed, discussed and compared with the illustration of the important features and drawbacks. Various digital and audio proposed projects for audio encryption using chaotic maps have been covered, which they showed extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, unpredictability and conducting in a quasi-random manner. A comparison among the proposed algorithms in the key space, chaotic maps sensitivity and statistical analysis were provided.


Ekhlas Abbas Albahrani Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq

Tayseer Karam Alshekly Al-Imam Al-A’tham University College, Baghdad, Iraq

Sadeq H. Lafta University of Technology – Iraq

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