Audio: Changes in ICT and the dreaded cybersecurity space

This first part of our latest podcast is a conversation between Mahbubul Alam and our editor Rajeev Prasad. It was recorded during Thanksgiving 2019, in 2 parts, the first is about the changes in the ICT world  and the 2nd podcast is about the dreaded cyber security space. Mahbubul has nearly 25 years of background in teleco and IT world, starting from the launch of GSM to connecting vehicles to cloud. His experience took him from the deep technical R&D to launching of startups  M&A.

Enjoy listing to the 2 podcast and revert to us with your comments and questions.

Mahbubul Alam on changes in the ICT world

The second part on “the dreaded cybersecurity space” can be found here.

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Mahbubul Alam is the CEO and co-founder of TrustedMobi and co-author of book series on software defined vehicles. TrustedMobi provides trustworthy artificial intelligence real-time mobility application platform for connected and autonomous vehicles. Prior to TrustedMobi, Mahbubul was Chief Technology & Marketing Officer at Movimento which offered comprehensive software/firmware over-the-air update for vehicles. Movimento was acquired by Aptiv PLC in 2017 (formally known as Delphi Automotive), where Mahbubul was responsible for Movimento and Aptiv’s OTA services & autonomous vehicle cloud services platform. Mahbubul has spent 14 years in Cisco in various product management & leadership position including heading Internet of Things platform with P&L responsibility for $700M product portfolio. Mahbubul holds MSc EE from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. 

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