CSM Editorial Podcast

In our latest editorial podcast with Anand Prasad and Hans Christian Rudolph, we reflect on the past year in cybersecurity. We chat about key developments in Network as a Service (NaaS), the role of AI in cybersecurity, as well as certifications and standards evolution. We also recap the ETSI Security Conference and discuss the following year’s expectations.

Topics discussed:

How did the cybersecurity landscape evolve over the past year, and did it align with the expectations outlined at the beginning of the year? Were there unforeseen challenges or trends impacting the industry, especially considering the role of AI?

Key Developments in Network as a Service (NaaS): Explore notable developments shaping the NaaS landscape and their impact on cybersecurity strategies. Gain insights from discussions with security experts, highlighting emerging themes and perspectives.

Certifications and Standards Evolution: Learn how certifications and standards in cybersecurity have evolved and understand their role in ensuring a robust security posture for organizations.

Event Recap – ETSI Security Conference 2023: Uncover key takeaways from ETSI Security Conference, delving into advancements in cybersecurity and notable discussions or presentations. Were there new technologies discussed that could shape the cybersecurity landscape?

Looking Ahead to Next Year in Cybersecurity: Anticipate trends and challenges for the upcoming year based on insights gathered. Identify areas within the cybersecurity domain expected to witness rapid growth or innovation. Gain valuable recommendations for organizations to better prepare for the expected cybersecurity challenges in the coming year.

Stay informed, stay secure.

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