Dynamic List Based Data Integrity Verification in Cloud Environment

Abstract: Cloud repository gives a proficient way to fathom issues of management and capacity, driven by high-speed information emergence. Consequently, a developing number of governing bodies and people lean towards storing their information within the cloud premises. In any case, due to the partition of information ownership and administration, it becomes exceptionally troublesome for the users or the owners to verify the integrity of data in a routine way. Hence, numerous analysts center on creating various protocols, that remotely check the astuteness of the information saved within the cloud. In this respect, a conceivable solution is proposed for dynamic reviewing by making use of a dynamic list-based index table to verify the integrity of the data which is more efficient than the state of the arts. Besides, with such a verification structure, it is proven that communication cost and storage cost at the client side is diminished effectively. The statistical analysis based on comprehensive tests illustrates that the proposed convention accomplishes the specified properties in comparison with the state of the arts.


Akshay KC Manipal Institute of Technology, India

Balachandra Muniyal Manipal Institute of Technology, India

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