IoT Health Data in Electronic Health Records (EHR): Security and Privacy Issues in Era of 6G

Abstract: Millions of wearable devices with embedded sensors (e.g., fitness trackers) are present in daily lives of its users, with the number growing continuously, especially with the approaching 6G communication technology. These devices are helping their users in monitoring daily activities and promoting positive health habits. Potential integration of such collected data into central medical system would lead to more personalized healthcare and an improved patient-physician experience. However, this process is met with several challenges, as medical data is of a highly sensitive nature. This paper focuses on the security and privacy issues for such a process. After providing a comprehensive list of security and privacy threats relevant to data collection and its handling within a Central Health Information system, the paper addresses the challenges of designing a secure system and offers recommendations, solutions and guidelines for identified pre-6G and 6G security and privacy issues.

Ana Koren University of Zagreb, Croatia

Ramjee Prasad CTIF GLOBAL CAPSULE, Aarhus University, Denmark

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