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Having launched only a few months back, it’s been a busy summer here at Cybersecurity Magazine. And we do have something to show for it, too. Hence we’re introducing a monthly newsletter on cybersecurity issues, a job market and, of course, a bunch of new articles you can get excited about.

First of all, our newsletter. We aim to publish it about once a month, but contrary to other newsletters, it will not give you a summary of articles published on our site. There will be featured articles from here, of course, but the main idea is to provide you with a “best of” of Cybersecurity reads over the past weeks. To give you an idea: in our first newsletter issue, we give you an insight, why 5G will actually increase mobile security, we cover IoT security and its impact, discuss why infsec vendors can’t sell to CISOs and link to a special report about China’s “Cloud Hopper” hackers. 

Our team of editors and authors will personally select articles like these every month. If you want a selection of the best articles on cybersecurity issues, simply subscribe to our newsletter. 

Secondly, the job market. From personal experience I can confirm that finding the right job in cybersecurity is sometimes difficult. Searching for a job on one of the big plattforms will include a lot of noise in the search results, making it hard to find that one job which fits your interests. On the other hand, just applying at company’s websites directly will not give you the opportunity to find that one company you didn’t know existed, but offers the exact match to all of your job dreams. We’re trying to combine both worlds by focusing on cybersecurity jobs only, regardless whether they are in the industry or the academic world and including specialist roles as well as generalists. Check our job page to see what’s on offer there and make sure to let your HR department know that they can list their jobs here, too. 

Last, but not least, we have some great articles planned. There will be some exciting opinions and articles from cybersecurity thought leaders. More importantly, we’ll be slowly adding new article formats. The series on …. Being one of the first new formats. Book reviews, interviews and reports will follow, so stay tuned. As mentioned, it has surely been an exciting summer. 

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One thought on “Newsletter, Job market and more at Cybersecurity Magazine

  • October 15, 2019 at 11:16 am

    Am excited and looking forward to having the magazine.


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