A Chaos-Based Encryption Algorithm for Database System

Abstract: This paper introduces a new Database Transposition, Substitution and XORing Algorithm (DTSXA) based on using chaotic maps. It is based primarily on two well-known security properties: confusion and diffusion. A random number generator was depended on to produce the keys for the algorithm of encryption and decryption. The encryption of the Arabic language in addition to the English language was done, besides it can encrypt a table, individual row and individual column. The suggested algorithm was obeyed and analyzed by different tests involving brute force attack analyses, statistical attack analyses (security analysis histogram, correlation coefficient analysis and information entropy analysis), key sensitivity analysis, differential attack analysis, and mean square error analysis. This algorithm passed all the applied analyses well-deservedly, which indicates that the presented encryption algorithm has a high security level due to its large key space and high sensitivity to the change in the cipher keys.

A Chaos-Based Encryption Algorithm for Database System | Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (riverpublishers.com)

Ekhlas Abbas Albahrani Department of Computer Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq

Sadeq H. Lafta Department of Applied Science, University of Technology – Iraq

Naeem Howrie Ghayad Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Iraq

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