LoRaWAN Security

Abstract: The LoRaWAN security design adheres to state-of-the-art principles: use of standard, well-vetted algorithms, and end-to-end security. The fundamental properties supported in LoRaWAN security are mutual end-point authentication, data origin authentication, integrity and replay protection, and confidentiality. The use of symmetric cryptography and prior secret key sharing between a device and a server enables an extremely power efficient and network efficient activation procedure.

LoRaWAN Security| Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (riverpublishers.com)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13052/jicts2245-800X.915
Keywords: LoRaWAN, security, authentication, encryption, Join Server, activation, personalization, provisioning

Olivier Seller, Technical Fellow, Semtech, and LoRa Alliance® Technical Committee Vice-Chair, Fremont, CA, United States
Olivier Seller is technical fellow at Semtech, and vice-chair of LoRa Alliance Technical Committee. He is the editor of the LoRaWAN link layer specification since 2019. He is co-inventor of the LoRa technology, and co-founder of Cycleo that developed LoRa initially, his focus was the LoRa modulation and implementation of receivers. Upon acquisition of Cycleo by Semtech in 2012, Olivier architected the LoRa localisation solution, designed the “find my stuff” radio capability of LoRa chips, and co-designed the LR-FHSS modulation.

Olivier studied in Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, then worked in the telecom and semiconductor industries with experiences in an 802.16 start-up, in Orange Labs, and in Cambridge Silicon Radio.

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