CSM Podcast: Telecoms Security Landscape and Security Standards

In this podcast episode, Philippa Jefferies is joined by Alex Leadbeater, Chair of ETSI TC Cyber, David Boswarthick, Director of New Technologies at ETSI, and Claire D’Esclercs, Director for Membership Development at ETSI, to talk about the telecoms security landscape, how standards and ETSI play a role, and how we can encourage the next generation of Standards Professionals. They also chat about ETSI’s upcoming flagship Security Conference on the 16-19 October 2023, in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France.

Register now! The ETSI Security Conference 2023 will be focusing on Security Research and Global Security Standards in action The event will also consider wider aspects such as Attracting the next generation of Cyber Security standardization professionals and supporting SMEs.

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Alex Leadbeater
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Alex Leadbeater is a seasoned engineer in telecommunications and has been working for British Telecoms for over 20 years in various roles. He is currently working in the capacity of Head of Global Obligations (Future & Standards) at BT. He's involved in various standardization groups in 3GPP and ETSI and is currently the Chair of the ETSI NFV Security group, the Chair of the ETSI SAI ISG, the Chair of the ETSI TC CYBER and the Chair of 3GPP SA3-LI.

Claire D’Esclercs
Director for Membership Development at ETSI | + posts
David Boswarthick
Director of New Technologies at ETSI | + posts

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